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Log Grapple

1.Bolt -on edge savers and segments protect the cutting edge from unnecessary wear.
2.Articulated type, Mechnical steering, powerful shift transmission, easier operation.
3.Z-bar loader linkage is designed for maximun rigidity and offers powerful breakout 
4.Bucket can be leveled automatically, optimaized working device, higher productivity.
5.Comfortable operation environment, new design cabin, Grammer seat, air-conditioner at option.
6.Gearbox and torque device has separable structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance.

Rated load: 10ton
Bucket capacity 4.5 m3
Max log length 13000mm
Max log diameter 1500mm
Clamp front/rear inclination 55°/40°
Dump height 3200mm
Reach at full lift discharge 1240mm
Overall length :8980mm
Overall height 3870mm
Overall width 3120mm
Tread width: 2390mm
Minimum ground clearance 450mm
Turning angle 35°
Grade ability ≥24°
Max. traction force 230KN
Hydraulic cycle time 12sec
Machine weight 31000kg



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