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Warmly welcome Uganda customer visit our factory and give conduction

Warmly welcome Uganda customer visit our factory and give conduction!

Shandong hengwang machine factory is located in Jining,Shandong province,China.Established in 2002,comprehensive enterprise,collection of marketing,scientific research,trade;registered capital of 10.8 million,Existing staff 200 persons,including 3 engineering experts,sensior software engineer 8 persons,network information technicians 28 persons,e-commerce division,more than 80 persons,the international trade commissioner more than 20 persons,logistics division 9 persons,all kinds of technical personnel more than 50 persons.
Our company specializing in the drilling equipment,railway equipment,conveying equipment,electrical equipment ,pumps,supporting equipment etc.
Competitive price and good service to offer metallurgy,hydroelectric,railway,highway,mine etc.we quickly occupied the market,achieved remarkable results.


Contact: Mr.Wang

Phone: 0086-15965109869

Tel: 0086-15965109869


Add: Xianghao Science Park, Taibaihu New District, Jining, Shandong, China (Mainland)

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